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Sunflower Summer provides a wide variety of ways for families to get out, explore something new, and enjoy time together. Kansas families can visit museums, zoos, historic landmarks and more for free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is this Sunflower Summer?

Sunflower Summer is a program of the Kansas State Department of Education and is designed to provide a wide variety of ways for families to get out, to explore something new, and to enjoy time together. We know that social interaction and exposure to a variety of activities supports the healthy development of children of all ages. Sunflower Summer is an experiential approach to learning that can support transition into the fall school term.

Who can create a Sunflower Summer app account?

Kansas residents with students enrolled in Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, are eligible to access 1 free ticket per child to over 70 Kansas attractions, museums, zoos, and more.

Anyone, from anywhere, can download the app and track their Kansas summer travel fun, but are not eligible for free admission to ticketed venues. (p.s. The games are worth it 😊!)

This How To Guide will help you get started.

How many times can I use my free tickets?

Via the Sunflower Summer app, each Kansas student and their parents are provided one free visit to each of the participating attractions. After the first use, your Sunflower Summer “Passport” (in the app) will be stamped and the ticket will no longer be accessible.

Do adults get free tickets, too?

Yes. Up to two adults may access a ticket voucher on the Sunflower Summer app, when accompanying Kansas students enrolled in Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade on a visit to a Sunflower Summer participating attraction.

I’m a grandparent, can I start an account for the grandchildren in my care?

Parents and legal guardians, which sometimes includes grandparents, can create a Sunflower Summer app account that includes their children. Once the adult account is created, the children are added. This becomes the family account.

Can we use my child’s free ticket if they are going to the attraction with another adult or out-of-school program?

Yes. There is an option in the Sunflower Summer app for you to transfer a child’s ticket voucher to another adult who also has downloaded the app. Each child will have one ticket for each participating attractions; when it has been used their passport is stamped and will no longer be accessible.

We have family visiting from another state, can their children take advantage of this program?

Sunflower Summer is a program of the Kansas State Department of Education. Tickets are designated specifically for Kansas students enrolled in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Are all Kansas students included?

Yes. Kansas students in Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade are included. Students attending public schools, private and faith-based schools, or who are home-schooled are included.

How do I enroll in the program?

Parents and guardians can download the Sunflower Summer app FREE from either Google Play (Android) or Apple (IOS) app stores. To register your account, you simply open the app and follow the prompts. Then it’s as simple as selecting your first attraction, and then tap and go.

What do I do if I am having technical issues with the app?

Please contact for app support.

Teachers, Educators, Child Care, and Summer Programs FAQs

I’m taking a group of Kansas school children. Do I get a free ticket?

You can get a free ticket. You must download the app and ask parents to transfer the child’s ticket to you. Each adult that is accompanying the group should have at least one child transferred to their account.

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